Live Gratitude

I’ve been consciously trying to “Live Gratitude” lately. Instead of getting frustrated at work, I try to be thankful I have a job.  Instead of hating my harvest gold, on-it’s-last-legs kitchen and my dark paneled, cave-like living room, I try to be thankful that I have a roof over my head in a safe town where there’s no Starbucks people really are friendly, supportive, and caring.  I need an attitude adjustment often. OK with all of that being said, I came home from a 4 day weekend in God’s Country. (Central Texas)  (I went to HEB several times while I was there, because in my part of Texas we don’t have HEB I love HEB.)   I got busy right away doing all of those things that I do when I get home from a trip.  Clean out the fridge-start the dishwasher-start the laundry, etc.  Plumbing is like that song where the leg bone’s connected to the ankle bone– the dishwasher’s connected to the disposal, which is connected to the laundry drain, which is connected to the guest bathroom.  I needed to run to the store for tartar sauce, so I cranked up the dishwasher and the laundry, finished putting the corn and beans out of the fridge into the disposal and grinded it down the drain, grabbed my purse and started out for the grocery store. (which is not an HEB)  As I passed the guest bathroom, I heard WATER.  Not running water, or flowing water like a peaceful mountain stream, but GURGLING water.  I went into the bathroom to discover the shower filling up rapidly.  With what?  STINKY BROWN WATER and CORN and BEANS!  and possibly some brisket and some other stuff.  I knew I had to STOP the water source(s) ASAP so I ran back to the laundry room in what felt like slow motion to turn off the washer but alas, I was too late.  The utility sink was filled with the same vile soup as the guest shower.  Murky, lint-filled water was all over the floor in front of the washer.   I turned the washer OFF and ran (in slow motion again) to the kitchen to STOP the dishwasher.  The kitchen sink was also filled with wretch brown water, corn, and beans.  There was much, much more corn and beans being backed up all over my house than what I put in the disposal, I swear.  Just as I started to get really pissed off, I remembered “Live Gratitude.”  I began silently chanting in my head “I’m thankful for indoor plumbing.  I’m thankful for indoor plumbing…..” The rest is history- the plumber came and fixed the problem and the messes are all cleaned up.  And now I must confess that while I do love HEB more than anyone should love a grocery store, I also love my little hometown market, where everybody knows my name, and where you really can find just about anything you need.   And here is something that you should be thankful for- I didn’t share any photos of my plumbing nightmare.  LIVE GRATITUDE!

7 thoughts on “Live Gratitude

  1. Oh how I miss HEB too! But you’re right, my local United is just right. Thankful for it! And that you didn’t post those pics… Lol

  2. I had missing reading your blogs! Thanks for sharing, you are an amazing writer! Bless you in all your mess…I mean all of your blessings! lol!!!

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