This is a story about Albuquerque. hehe

It was a normal day of browsing Craigslist, searching for the perfect camper.  I always knew it would be an Airstream, or an Avion, or a Silver Streak, or perhaps a Canned Ham model.  I decided to look in Colorado.  My rationalization: Eastern Colorado isn’t that far away, it’s close to the mountains, and there are probably tons of cool campers there.  I went to Craigslist Colorado, clicked on “Western Slope” and began my search.

Before long, I found her! As soon as our eyes met, I knew she was the one!  She didn’t match my idea of what I thought would be the perfect camper, but it was love at first sight.

1967 Donhal Oasis RV

1967 Donhal Oasis RV

The ad said she was in Durango, Colorado.  I looked at the map and realized I had been searching on the wrong side of Colorado! I’m brave and adventuresome, but not so much that I want to drive a 45 year old motorhome (whom I just met) across the Continental Divide!  After emailing back and forth with the seller, we agreed to meet in Albuquerque to make the trade.  So far, so good!  NOTHING could stop me at this point.  I found my camper and I was bringing her home!

After rounding up two good friends to help me with logistics, I planned out the trip:  Cruise over to Albuquerque, hit Trader Joe’s for some cheese and wine, stay the night somewhere, then buy the RV in the morning and head home!  In keeping with the whole “camping spirit” I tried to book our overnight accommodations in a cabin at the KOA Campground.  (I’d heard of KOA – they’re nice and safe.) But alas, NO LUCK- they were all booked up!  I don’t know much about RV parks, but decided to live dangerously and look for cabins at some non-KOA parks.  Boy, did we stumble upon something dandy!  The Enchanted Trails RV Park didn’t have any cabins to rent, but get this:  THEY RENT VINTAGE CAMPERS!

Meet “Flossie,” the 1959 Spartan that accommodated us overnight in comfort and style:

"Flossie" and my green machine

“Flossie” and my green machine

The inside was nothing short of fabulous!  I can just see my mother in her 20’s, with her dark hair and blue eyes, probably holding a baby on her hip, cooking up something fancy in this little kitchen.

Charming 1950's Turquoise Kitchen

Charming 1950’s Turquoise Kitchen

Who ever heard of a porcelain commode in a travel trailer?  Not me!  How cute is that?

Pink Porcelain Potty

Pink Porcelain Potty

This bedspread reminds me of my grandmommy, Julia Anna Frances Gerber, because she always had chenille bedspreads and they were SO soft!  She also had the best food and family gatherings ever.  She used to give me a quarter out of a teacup she kept on a shelf in her cute little kitchen.  I miss Grandmommy!

Peacock Chenille Bedspread

Peacock Chenille Bedspread

The trailer was in near-mint condition and was just like stepping into the 50’s/60’s.  Even the doorbell worked!  What, you don’t believe it?  I was so impressed, I recorded a video to share.

Other vintage campers at the park included:

"Evelyn"- A 1954 VaKaShunette, and a 1950 Hudson Commodore

“Evelyn”- A 1954 VaKaShunette, and a 1950 Hudson Commodore

"Dot"-A 1963 Winnebago- tiniest Winnebago I've ever seen!

“Dot”-A 1963 Winnebago- tiniest Winnebago I’ve ever seen!

"Della" -A 1974 Silver Streak that was polished to perfection!

“Della” -A 1974 Silver Streak that was polished to perfection!

"Geneva" -A 1956 Yellowstone who looked brand spankin' NEW!

“Geneva” -A 1956 Yellowstone who looked brand spankin’ NEW!

"Josephine" -A 1969 Airstream in a class all by herself!

“Josephine” -A 1969 Airstream in a class all by herself!

This Airstream camper reminds me of my other grandmother, Josephine Theresa Friemel.  An artist, she had impeccable taste and a keen eye for beauty.  I don’t think she was into campers, but if she had been, I’m positive she would have had an Airstream.  I miss my Grandmother!

I did peer inside the windows at these campers and each one was restored and decorated really well.  On Enchanted Trails RV Park‘s website, you can see a slideshow of the interior of all of these trailers as well as “Alva,” a 1956 Teardrop being pulled by a matching 1947 Hudson Super Six.  I highly recommend a visit to the RV Park or at least the website!  For a camper geek like myself, it is eye candy of the highest order!  I also recommend you play a game of dominoes while sipping a Tangerine Screwdriver.

Domino Game

Domino Game

Sunday morning we left the RV Park to head out to Bernalillo to meet my new camper!  But not before having an incredible breakfast of Huevos Rancheros with red and green chile, from a FAST FOOD RESTAURANT!  Can you believe it?  Some of the best Huevos Rancheros around, folks, are at TWISTERS BURRITOS on North Coors Boulevard in Albuquerque!

Huevos Rancheros from Twisters Burritos

Huevos Rancheros from Twisters Burritos

The drive home was an entirely new adventure in my vintage motorhome, Honolulu!  I think we’ll call her “Lu-Lu” for short.  I can’t wait to tell you all about her!  I’ll leave you with one last picture from my trip to Albuquerque.  Early June is a great time to go there, because the hollyhocks are in full bloom!



Ta-ta for now!

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