The Secret Life of Horses

My husband has a lot of horses.  They live out in a pasture, doing what horses do all day long; eat.  The brood mares (mama horses who just have babies) are a bit on the wild side and my husband is really the only person who ever gets very close to them.  (He ain’t scared.)  But I have noticed that horses (especially colts) are very curious, so they will get close to me as long as I don’t make any sudden movements to scare them away.  I have also noticed that they are tremendous hams for the camera:

Mare and Colt

I can just hear the mama telling her baby, “Stand up straight and look towards the camera.”

Every time I raise the camera to take a picture, they seem to strike a pose.  Or maybe they are just doing the hokey pokey:


“You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out…” Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but I don’t think so.  Do they practice posing all day when nobody is around?

colt and mare

Or do they just do it for me, because I am holding a camera?


colt and mare

This next one CRACKS ME UP…there is nothing cuter than baby horse teeth:

baby horse teeth

Say Cheese!

Now here’s a nice pose.  Cheek to Cheek and Picture Perfect:


8 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Horses

  1. I love horses. They are such beautiful strong creatures. And he has some beauties. Thank you for sharing. Great scenes and beautiful subjects.

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