Life’s a Peach!

The peach fairy came to visit me!

Colorado Peaches

Cunningham Peaches from Colorado

Not really!  My mama gave me a box full of delicious, ripe peaches from Colorado!  (You still believe in the peach fairy?)

Peaches will ‘keep’ for a short time in the refrigerator, then it’s time to either eat them or ‘put them up.’  (Put Up = Food Preservation) I decided to freeze most of them to enjoy later.  Here goes!

You’ll need a large pot.  If your corn pot is full of prickly pears like mine, you will have to use something else.  I don’t want to handle those stickery little fruits any more than I have to! (coming soon- Prickly Pear & Sandia Chile Jam!)

Cactus Fruit

Blanching peaches

You’ll need a large pot of boiling water and a large bowl full of ice water. I used my Tupperware Thatsa Bowl with 32 cup capacity.  Let me tell you.. that bowl is so versatile- I use it almost daily!  I think I use it even more than my corn pot.  Mine is white with a bright pink lid, but have you seen the new colors?  I think this color is called Margarita/Lettuce Leaf.  Festive!Tupperware Thatsa Bowls

With a knife, cut a small slice on the bottom of each peach then carefully drop it into the boiling water.  No need to make a deep cut, just enough to break the skin:

Peach preservation

They only need to boil for about 30-45 seconds.  Remove them from the boiling water with tongs and place them in the ice bath.  They only need about 30-45 seconds in the ice bath, too.  Then the skins will slip right off!

Next, cut each peach in half by slicing all the way around it.  At this point they are really slippery and a bit hard to handle, but you will get the hang of it.  Just slice all the way around the peach at the ‘equator’ for best results.  The peach will then break in half easily and you can remove the stone.  Peaches Stone RemovedThis is a Tupperware Impressions 10-cup medium bowl.  The color is “Parrot Green” but I think it looks yellow.  It’s part of a set of 3 bowls that nest nicely for storage and are pretty enough to take guacamole to parties and stuff like that.  Actually, I would use the 5 1/2 cup-small  “Passion Fruit” colored bowl for guacamole because that’s a lot of avocados!

Once you have blanched, peeled, and removed the stone from your peaches, it’s time to slice them up.  Don’t try to be a perfectionist about uniform slices or you will just be disappointed.  Trust me!

sliced peachesThis bowl is the third one in my Tupperware Impressions set.  It’s “Toucan Teal” 18-cup capacity.  Sweet!

Now dump the peaches back into your largest bowl.  Squeeze a lemon and sprinkle the juice over the peaches, then sprinkle sugar all over them.  A good rule of thumb is 1 cup of sugar for 4 cups of peaches.  Give it all a good stir!

sugared peaches

After that step, something magical happens.  The sugar combines with the peach juice to form this wonderful syrup.  I don’t know how it happens but I’m glad it does.  YUM.

Now just fill freezer containers with peaches and put them in the freezer.  Easy!  You can use Tupperware Freezer Mates like moi, or you can use Ziploc freezer bags or vacuum seal bags.  Make sure to remove any air pockets for best preservation of your peaches.  Then stack the containers and take pictures of them!Freezing peaches in tupperware

I’m not sure why there is a squash trying to hide behind my peaches.

If anyone walks into your kitchen during this Kodak moment and says, “Mom, you’re such a nerd,”  just tell them nicely to get lost, then rearrange your peaches and take another photo!

But only if you want to.  I wanted to.

peaches tupperware freezer mates

Next time I make homemade ice cream I am going to add some of these frozen peaches.  They are also good for cobblers and smoothies!  Actually, as a kid I remember just thawing and eating them and I thought they were divine.

The box of peaches my mama gave me made the stack of freezer containers above, plus three bowls of sliced peaches for my family to eat, plus about 5 leftover peaches to eat fresh.

OH and here’s what the Tupperware Impressions bowl set looks like.  They’re Peachy Keen!

Tupperware Impressions Bowl Set

9 thoughts on “Life’s a Peach!

  1. Fabulous! I am so impressed! That is “peachy keen”! You rock! Oh, and if you’re such a nerd and the kids are so cool…maybe you don’t need to share. Just saying! Lol!

    • Right, Linda! My kids are accustomed to me taking pictures of my food but I guess stacking it up and taking photos from different angles kicked it up a notch..Thanks for reading my blog! You’re the best!

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  3. Yummy! Now I know what to do with the peaches mama gave me too! They are in the freezer still in the box. However, I see that your box had lots more peaches than mine. MOMMMMMM!😉

  4. Yummm! I remember eating those peaches growing up, too. Makes me want some more….wish we still had that orchard back on the farm!

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